Monday, February 8, 2010

Roller Skating Fun!

When I was a kid, I LOVED roller skating! I lived in skates! I skated around the block for hours and hours. On Saturdays, my dad would take me to the skating rink and I would skate the whole time. I went to every school skating day and even had a skating birthday party once.

So, now that my kids are growing up, and our school is doing skating days, I am catching the fever! I went 3 times last month! I went for YW"S, School day, and a special MLK skating day when the kids were out of school.

That day, we went with my cousins. We all had a blast even though it was very crowded. This was Maryn's first time and she had fun until she fell. Then it was all over and Glenn had to come and get her. I knew that this would be the case and I had seriously worn out my arms and shoulders preventing her bottom from touching the floor. I am going to give her another year before I attempt that again.

We had a wonderful day together and I wanted to share it. I am so excited to have one of my favorite people in the world back in California! It's been so long! Love you, S!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


A few months ago when I went to see "Fiddler on the Roof", I saw advertisements for "Annie". I knew that I had to take Maryn to see it! She fell in love with the movie this past summer.

I bought the tickets before Christmas and kept it a surprise for 6 weeks! The week before, I started telling her that we were having a special mommy-daughter date. She was so excited! I told her it was a surprise but she could pick the restaurant. She wanted to eat spaghetti at "The Olive Garden".

The day of, I had her take a nap after school so that she would be ready for the late night. When she woke up, I got her dressed up and off we went!

Dinner was so much fun! We just enjoyed each other and talked a lot. She talked about food and how we need food to live, if we don't have food we will die. She talked about how God made food so that we wouldn't die, etc. I tried something new that was so delicious! It was Braised Beef with Tortalloni. About half-way through the meal, Maryn stopped eating. When I asked her if she was full already, she said that she wasn't, but she was saving room for dessert! So, I stopped eating and ordered dessert! We had the molten chocolate cake with fresh strawberries and cream. Wonderful!

After our awesome dinner, we headed to the Orange County Performing Arts Center to see our show. Maryn was so surprised! She was so happy and excited when I told her that it wasn't the movie, it was real people on a stage and real little girls! She held her ticket as we walked in and people kept complimenting her on how pretty she looked. She asked me why everyone kept telling her that.

The tickets we got were amazing! We were in the second row! I was so happy with the seats! We were off to the side, but it turned out great! Before the show started, we walked around the lobby and I showed her the vendors. Big mistake! I ended up buying her a "Sandy" dog for a price that would make you all think I was stupid- but hey, it was a special night and I got caught up in the moment!

After that, we went back into the theater and Maryn got to look down into the orchestra pit and watch the musicians warm up their instruments. We took pictures of ourselves and had fun talking and watching people fill up the balcony.

The show was amazing!!! Annie had the most beautifully perfect voice that made me tear up every time she sang- I really did. Miss Hannigan stole the show! She was hilarious!! Maryn couldn't stop laughing! I had smuggled in treats in my purse for intermission and it helped her stay awake for the second half.
It was an amazing night! We had a blast together! It was just as I had hoped it would be. I love my Maryn and can't wait to do it again next year!

Late-Night Thoughts...

I know that it's late tonight and that I should be in bed, but my mind is full and I need to get my thoughts out.

Recently I have been thinking about the trials that all of us go through. I always try to analyze the "why". And, when I can't come up with a good enough answer, I wait to see if the life-lesson is revealed in time.

This past year, so many of the most precious women in my life, have had life-changing experiences. I have cried with them, prayed for them, and lain awake at night just thinking about them. Their pain and sorrows have weighed so heavily on me. As much as I have wanted to offer some sort of help or support, I have felt so utterly useless.

This past Sunday in Relief Society, I was blessed to be able to internalize a life-lesson that I always thought I knew and understood, but it took on a deeper meaning for me. The RS Pres. was talking about serving and helping each other. I started thinking about our Father in Heaven. How difficult it must be for Him to be watching his children on this Earth. He watches His children struggle with so many different challenges. I started thinking about how I would feel if I was watching my children and they needed help so desperately and no one offered a hand. I thought about how we really do need to be Heavenly Father's physical hands upon this Earth. We need to do the things that He physically cannot do for everyone. He is always here for us spiritually and emotionally, but we need to be here for each other. We need to lift each other's burdens. We need to take care of each other the way that our Father wants us to take care of His children. It all hit me so strongly.

I realized that recently I have been caught up with just trying to make it through the day, or week, or month, without really being aware of opportunities to extend a helping hand. I have a renewed desire to do the little things to help others along and be more aware of my surroundings.

To my dear, precious friends and family that have been through the "fire" this past year, I want you to know how deeply I love you. You are amazing and wonderful in every way. You have taught me so many lessons and enriched my life.