Saturday, November 22, 2008


Last night I had the opportunity to go to Twilight with 14 women! We had a blast! I showed up and there were already people there saving our spot. We hung out in line and just talked and some women ate dinner. The theater was packed full of crazy girls and women! It made me laugh to hear all of them going nuts when the movie started. I thought that Edward was so beautiful, although I've heard so many people say that they didn't care for him. I really liked the movie. I can't say loved yet because of certain things that I wish that they had put in- like more character development with the Cullen's family. I though that Emmett was the best and Jasper and Rosalie were over-acting big time! Anyway, the much-needed "girl time" was my favorite! We were all so happy and excited and that made it so much fun to be together!

I stole a picture from Vivian's blog to post since I didn't bring a camera!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Our Family Day at Disneyland!

Yesterday Glenn and I took the kids to Disneyland! Yes, we were naughty keeping Charles out of school, but it's a rare day that we get to spend together, so we did it! My sister was taking her family that day, and our awesome friend signed Glenn and Charles in. My brother Slade came with his family and my cousin, Tiffany came with her girls, too. We ended up meeting up with my Aunt Bobbie, Uncle Dick, cousin Linda, and Kenzie. So, it was a huge family day! We enjoyed the time together so much!

Kaydence, Maryn and Kenzie!

Notice that my brother Slade has his head in his hands laughing? That's because he was flipping off the camera in the previous picture I took! I didn't find out until I downloaded the pictures because I was trying to take the pictures backwards and just holding the camera up behind me. He thinks that he's sooo funny!

This is us after Splash Mountain. I was in the front. It was getting cold outside and I had already gotten completely- yes, completely drenched on the raft ride earlier that day and had finally dried. Then came this! The guys thought it was so funny! My hair was seriously soaking wet like I had taken a shower and my make-up was running down my face! Charles said that I looked scary.

This is Kenny, Maryn, Maeli, and little Kaydence is in the front!

Charles being a typical big brother!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Marriage in the Family!

Yesterday we had an exciting event take place in our home. Maryn informed me that her cat, Golden Purple Flower, and her monkey, Monkey Face, got married! A few minutes after the marriage ceremony, Golden Purple Flower was pregnant with a puppy! (See above photo for the expecting couple.)

The new puppy, Cilla, was born within 5 minutes. She was born with lavender ears and a mask. The whole happy family is pictured below.

Bonfire at Huntington Beach!

Yesterday my mom and Chad came down and treated all of us to a bonfire on the beach! My sister Beth, and her family are here visiting and it's been so much fun. The weather was great- cool but not cold. My brother Slade came with Sara and Kaydence as well. The time together was wonderful. It's really only once a year my sister makes it here from Utah, so it's so special to get to see her and her husband Ken, and the kids: Kenny, Maeli and Sadie. Thanks mom and Chad for making it such a special day!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tribute to Glenn!

This post is a tribute to my wonderful husband whom I love with all of my heart. He is sunshine to my soul. His birthday was a few days ago amidst all of the election drama and so I'm late with honoring him for his special day.

I wanted to share a few pictures from his past with all of you. I don't have many, but I posted all I have!
Glenn Learning to Walk
Glenn's Junior Picture!
Glenn's Senior Picture!
Glenn's College Freshman Picture!
Glenn's Mission Pictures!
Our Engagement 1995!
Glenn's First Dirt Bike Trip 1996!