Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This past Sunday we were listening to a speaker at church. She got up to speak and started by expressing how nervous she was. She said that she had a headache, and butterflies in her stomach. Then she proceeded to give a wonderful talk. A few minutes into it, Maryn looked up at me with a worried and sad look in her eyes and asked me: "Why did she eat butterflies?"

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Embarrassing Memory!

I was watching "The Office" a couple of days ago. They were having a weight-loss challenge and everyone had to stand together on a huge freight scale in the warehouse. I started laughing so hard because it triggered one of my most embarrassing memories!

Years ago when I was about 10 weeks pregnant with Charles- I remember because I was carrying around the ultrasound photo in my pocket- I was serving in YW. That day we had all gone down to the OC Food Bank to package food. It was a great day! Anyway, at the beginning of the day a man called us to gather around so he could go over all that was expected. Since I'm kind of short, I stepped onto this metal platform so I could see him better. After a couple of minutes Glenn waved me over to him (he was in YM). He let me know that I had been standing on a huge scale. My weight was broadcasting on a huge digital screen on the wall!! All the people had been watching it! I was so embarrassed and horrified! He let me know that it was way more than what I had told him- nice husband! LOL! I wanted to use the excuse that I was pregnant, but 10 weeks isn't an excuse! After that the youth had a great time playing on the scale- now that they all knew what it was!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Family Movie Nights!

Tonight was our Family Movie Night! We watched "Tuck Everlasting".

For the past few weeks we've been having a fun time together. Early in the week, I go to the library and check out a good movie that (hopefully) we'll all like. Then on Fridays, we all gather on our bed and watch it in our room. I serve dessert on a blanket on our floor. Tonight was interesting because Maryn wanted a pear for dessert and Charles wanted a pancake with honey. They always surprise me!

The kids love to have both of us there being a family. It's been so much fun! Glenn missed out tonight because he had a game night for Elders Quorum. We missed him, but he really doesn't get much "guy time" so it's okay.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Yesterday, we had the opportunity to welcome Glenn's parents for a visit! Since they moved to Idaho a few years ago, we haven't been able to see them very often. This visit was so much fun! They got here- our house- Wednesday morning and took Glenn, Maryn and me out to a late breakfast at Mimi's Cafe. Then we put Maryn down for a nap and waited for Charles to be out of school. When he got home, Dad, Glenn and Charles went to a rock and gem shop at Adventure City, while Mom, Maryn and I went to Rite-Aid and got Glenn a wrist brace.

I know that the Rite-Aid trip doesn't sound fun but it was! They had a 75% off clearance sale on all their school stuff! I was able to get packs of gel pens for 80 cents and even found a dolphin backpack for Maryn that was only $2.49!! Besides that, who doesn't love their ice cream? Of course we had to get a scoop before we left.

In preparation for their visit, Glenn and I had worked hard cleaning our room- top to bottom. We hung curtains and pictures. It looks awesome! I even did complimentary turn-down service with chocolates on the pillows! (The chocolate thing is a tribute to my SIL Sandra who imagines her home a bed and breakfast when family visits!)

That night, we went out to dinner. We were severely spoiled! Glenn was tasting a bit of paradise when he finally got to order his all-you-can-eat riblets from Applebee's. I was just grateful I could order off of the Weight Watcher's menu after our awesome breakfast!

This morning they had to leave. I thought that we'd be able to have lunch together but there was too much work to get done in Ventura. They had to get on the road. So, we will pacify ourselves with the great memories. My favorites:

Dad reading to Maryn,
Mom coloring with Maryn,
Mom playing Poke Mon with Charles- so funny!,
And, Dad watching Project Runway and Karate Kid with me!

We love them so much and look forward to the next visit!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Can't Believe It's Already Starting!

I just got back from the grocery store with Maryn. I had made a list and Maryn was holding it for me while we shopped. When we got to the check-out line, the man behind us struck up a conversation with Maryn that went like this:

Man: "Is that your shopping list?"
Maryn: "Uh-huh!"
Man: "Are you helping your mommy shop?"
Maryn: "We have to buy all the things on the list."
Man: "Yeah?"
Maryn: "If you don't buy anything on the list, then you will have no food and then you will be starving!"
Man: "Yeah, if you starve, then you will be skinny. You want to be skinny, don't you?"

I couldn't believe what I heard!! Luckily the checker was starting to scan our stuff so I could move forward. This was a man in his late forties. I could tell he was probably into weight-training. But my daughter is 4 years old and perfectly healthy! 50th percentile for weight and 75th for height. Why would he say that to her? What kind of psycho people live in this world?

Disneyland and El Torito!!

Today was a wonderfully, busy day!!

It all started with a Primary Presidency meeting- very productive, although not much fun! Then Maryn and I took off for Disneyland! Once again we packed our lunch to save $$. We met up with my cousin Tiffany and her girls and had the best time!! Maryn and Rebekah get along very well- Maryn talks and Rebekah listens. We just let the girls decide what they wanted and we followed. The interesting part came when I had to jog- yes JOG- to hurry and move my car before my parking was up.

We weren't planning on getting Disneyland passes again since Maryn turned 3 last year. But, when my mom and Chad took us to Disneyland this summer, we turned in the tickets for 2 basic passes for me and Maryn to go when Charles is at school. Anyway, we couldn't get parking at the time because it was an extra $60!! So I, being so frugal, decided that I wouldn't mind parking at Downtown Disney and moving the car every 3 hours. It's worked out well because the Monorail is right there- until today! I gave myself 15 minutes to get to the car because Maryn stayed with my cousin. I walk all the way to the Monorail and it was closed!! What? I took off as fast as I could. Once I was outside the park I jogged and speed-walked to get to my car! I must have looked hilarious! But, I made it- dripping with sweat, of course. And, I felt like I earned my dinner!

We went out with my brother Slade and Sara to El Torito for dinner tonight. I haven't eaten there in years! It was so delicious! And, Wednesdays kids eat free! Slade ended up taking us out. Now we owe them dinner again. It never ends with those 2!

So, as my friend Mindy told me earlier today: Maybe the Monorail breaking down was a blessing because it made me exercise so I didn't feel guilty about eating out tonight. I think she's right!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Well, this week-end was our Ward Camp out! Once again I took the kids by myself. Glenn, of course had to work. He misses out on a lot. Some people have questioned me on occasion about why I go certain places without him and if I miss him. The answer is "Yes" I do miss him at every activity that he should be at. But, at the same time, I refuse to have my kids miss out on going places and doing things just because Glenn's not there. As much as I want him to be with us, I can't deprive the kids of fun memories! Soon, he will be able to have more control over his schedule and he'll turn up at more social functions. (That's my explanation, so everyone knows that I do care about my big hunk of man!)

So, it was easier this year than last year because Maryn's older and more obedient. I was able to set up camp quickly, especially when the Wheelers showed up and helped me with the tent! The kids had a blast playing with all of the other kids. There was a really good group this year. We had 3 families bring s'more stuff and 3 families bring hot chocolate! The kids were in heaven with all of the sugar!

Charles had so much fun on the night hike and he stayed up late playing games with the Crosby twins. The next day he went on another hike with the boys and rode bikes. As of now he does not own a bike, so he borrowed a girl's bike to ride around. It was purple and everyone laughed at him, but he really wanted to ride so badly that he didn't care- until the ride home when he thought about everyone making fun of him and then he got really sad. He's a good kid though. I'm sure Santa will see fit to get him a cool boy's bike!

Maryn had fun eating the marshmallows and playing in the dirt with her friend Carter. She was such a sight! She said that she loves to be dirty. She was so excited to be camping that she could hardly stand it! She asked me over a dozen times if we were going to sleep in the tent- that's after it was set up!

That night we had a fun group of people that stayed up to play Catch-Phrase. I had so much fun! After that we stayed up and talked about ghost stories, and serial killers. Rachael, Jaime and I were sufficiently scared by the time we went to bed at 1:30! And it got worse when I heard someone walking right outside my tent and stopping!! I almost had a heart attack because David had to get the wipes for Jaime!

I probably didn't go to sleep until about 2am and Charles was up at 6:30! Needless to say, Saturday was spent with the worst of migraines and the grumpiest of moms! But, in the end, it's all worth it because of all of the wonderful memories!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Today I am remembering September 11, 2001. I was at my SIL Sandra's house in Santa Paula with my other SIL, Joanne. Charles was only 6 months old. Sandra came into our room and woke us up telling us that something aweful had happened at the World Trade Center. So early in the morning, I was confused and I honestly had no idea what the World Trade Center was all about or where it was!

We hurried downstairs to watch the news. It was all confusion! We sat listening to the news reporters trying to figure out what was going on and speculating. We watched live as the people jumped from windows and then the towers fell to the ground. Horror and terror washed over me as I watched. I saw my boy crawling and playing and I wondered if he'd get to grow up in a normal world or if this was the beginning of the end.

Joanne and I left that day. We heeded the warnings to stay away from LAX and took a longer route home.

When I got home, I heard the news that my cousin Heather was in the hospital delivering her first child- in New York! I couldn't imagine the emotions she went through that day!

Still, I remember that day as an awakening. In this world we can never be too comfortable with our surroundings. We are not immune to the evils of this world. Yet through all of this we are supposed to be able to find joy. Thank goodness for the Gospel that allows us to do just that.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Birthday Massage!!

Today was a great day! A few months ago, my friend Leasa had given me a gift certificate to a salon for an hour long massage. Today, we finally got the chance to go. I was a little nervous because it was only my 2nd massage ever and the first one was on our cruise with a woman. This one, Leasa told me, was with a man and I was a little hesitant, but, it was a reflexology massage and I didn't have to disrobe. That made me relax. Anyway, we get to the salon and I find out that the owner is a lady I know from my ward growing up and she's very good friends with my grandma! I was so excited!

The men that do the massage are specially trained in China. Leasa and I were able to have our massages at the same time and it was so relaxing. The room was candlelit and had soft music and running water and pictures of nature. (Wow, it sounds so romantic when I describe it- but it wasn't- just relaxing!!)

The massage was head to toe and the reflexology was on the feet, face, and ears. Glenn is a big believer in all that. He's so jealous right now that I had to promise him I'd take him for his birthday! So, maybe this could be a new thing for us to do together. It's way better than a movie for anniversaries and such!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The First Day of School!

The first day of school is here! It's a mixed emotion for me. I'm excited to get back into a routine and schedule, but I dread how busy I'll be with PTA and Book Fairs! But it's all worth it for the kids.

Charles was so excited for school. He was up super early and ready! Glenn took him to meet his teacher and find his desk. I took these pictures of him and he's starting to do this weird smile with his big teeth. I don't know what that's about but I think a lot of kids start looking goofy around his age- or at least let me think that's what it is, please. Anyway, he had to get the backpack that the strap goes across his chest. Last year he kept wearing his regular backpack with both straps over his chest, so this year we had to find the right one!

I also put up the pictures of our guinea pigs, Snowball Unicorn and Squeaky Colors!